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What is RSS Content Spinner

RSS Feed Content Spinner is full rss feed generator with article rewriter feature. It not only convert short rss to full text rss, but it can also rewrite the contents of the rss feed. Rewriting or spinning the article will generate unique article, which is good for SEO.

Why RSS Feed

The most reason why we use rss feed is that we can us it to share, import, add or update contents automatically. If you have a WordPress blog and looking for a way on how to add or import contents and updating your blog automatically then rss feed is what you need, just install WPeMatico 1.1.96 WordPress autoblog plugin and add rss feed to it, you will have auto update wordpress blog in seconds.

How to use this tool

Simply enter a valid RSS feed to "Source Feed" field, set the option and click "Create Feed" button, you will get full rss feed with spun content in seconds. Click RSS feed and RSS Validator if you need more information about RSS feed and what is valid rss feed.

Free Access Key

Current FREE access key: "FREE4A5F5"

Make sure there is NO SPACE before or after the access key. If this key doesn't work, please try again the tool after 30 minutes, system will generate a new key automatically. Please note that free access key is a temporary key, it will valid for few days only.

For your convenience, subscribe the access key now! You can use the key for unlimited usage as long as your subscription life.
Or BUY the script for $29 if you want to host it on your own server. It's a PHP script, you will need a web server with PHP support.

Be sure to add our email to your email contact. We will send the access key or the script to your PayPal email within few hours.

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